The stand-outs moments from Trump's controversial visit

Follow all the significant moments as US president Donald Trump embarks on his first official 'working' visit of the United Kingdom, including meetings with Theresa May and the Queen, amid big protests.

On Friday morning, the controversial blimp depicting Mr Trump as an orange, nappy-clad baby was released.

It was the main attraction on Friday morning. Credit: PA
A statement was made by several Londoners on Friday. Credit: PA

As the blimp's journey ended - people started to gather for a major demonstration in the capital from Portland Place to Trafalgar Square.

Several protests are taking place in the capital on Friday. Credit: ITV News
Protestors wearing Donald Trump and Theresa May paper mache heads. Credit: PA
A sign from the 'Stop Trump' Women's March protest in London. Credit: PA
The President will be meeting the Queen on Friday. Credit: PA
50,000 people are expected to demonstrate in the capital. Credit: PA

Away from the protests, First Lady Melania Trump visited the Royal Hospital Chelsea where she played bowls with Chelsea pensioners.

Arriving at Chequers, Mr Trump said that he developed a better relationship with Prime Minister Theresa May over dinner on Thursday evening.

"We spoke for an hour-and-a-half and it was really something, and today, we are talking military and look at some anti-terrorism things are being here in conjunction with the United States.

"The relationship is very, very strong. We've had a very good relationship."