'Give Nige a peerage': Tory Dehenna Davison on making Farage a lord, her Taylor Swift obsession and being an MP at 26

Tory MP Dehenna Davison says Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage should be made a Lord, despite his move to contest the Conservatives for Eurosceptic votes in the general election.

Ms Davison, who is one of Parliament's youngest MPs at 26, told ITV News podcast Acting Prime Minister she believes the Eurosceptic deserves a peerage because of his "great service to the country".

"He's done a great service for Brexiteers, certainly," she said. "He definitely represents a pretty big sector of our society."

She told ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand the House of Lords is a "great place for expertise, and you can't deny that man has expertise when it comes to the European Union".

In a wide ranging interview, the newly-elected member for Bishop Auckland also revealed what it's like entering Parliament for the first time and told of the awkward times she's been mistaken for people much younger than herself.

She said the one person she'd love to tell her experiences of Parliament to is her father, who tragically passed away when she was just 13 after he was the victim of a single punch during a night out at the pub.

She says 45 minutes after arriving at hospital to visit her dad, "the doctors came in and said they couldn't resuscitate him and that was it, which was awful - it was so unexpected".

Explaining what happened, she said: "A guy had wandered across the pub, punched my dad once, hit him in the side of the head and it ruptured a blood vessel and that was it."

Dehenna Davison was speaking to Paul Brand as part of his Acting Prime Minister podcast. Credit: ITV News

Aside from her Dad and her "ferocious" grandma, who died in 2015, another person from whom Ms Davison takes inspiration is singer Taylor Swift.

But it's not Swift's "incredible, incredible music" that inspires Ms Davison, it's her political activism.

"She's become an advocate for LGBT rights and hasn't been afraid to stick her head above parapet on that, despite some of the abuse that she's received, sometimes from quite long-standing fans.

"I really respect that and will respect anyone that stands up for a really good cause, and isn't afraid to champion it."

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