British woman in hospital 'happy to see' twin sister who fought off crocodile in Mexico

'She recognised me, knew who I was, and seemed happy to see me'

A British woman who was attacked by a crocodile in Mexico is out of her coma and "doing much better" according to the twin sister who saved her life.

Melissa and Georgia Laurie from Berkshire, were swimming in the day time in a lagoon around 10 miles from Puerto Escondido, when Melissa was attacked by a crocodile.

Georgia saved Melissa by punching the crocodile in the face when it attacked her sister three times.

The twins, both 28, were rushed to hospital in Mexico, where Melissa was placed in an induced coma - she has since developed sepsis as a result of her injuries.

Melissa (left) and her twin sister Georgia (right) Credit: Melissa Laurie/Facebook

In a message to well wishers on Thursday, sister Georgia (who has since been discharged) said: "She's doing much better, really good".

She said her sister was "breathing on her own very well" but can't yet talk because of soreness in her throat from medical tubes that have now been removed.

Georgia added: "She can hear. She recognised me, knew who I was, seemed happy to see me".

Elder sister Hana told ITV News Georgia had developed sepsis from her injuries

The pair’s elder sister, Hana Laurie, 33, told ITV News the family were still "weeks away" from seeing Georgia being able to eat and digest food again.

"She's had a couple of operations on her wrist and her abdomen," she said.

"It's going to be a case by case basis to see how she’s getting on. We’re weeks away at best, but we’ll have to see. She’s strong".

Speaking about Georgia's heroics in saving her sister, Hana said: "She was very brave. We're all really really proud of her. Just hope it makes the difference, you know."

'We're all really, really proud of her'

She added: "I would like to point out she's not a brawling type, normally. Starting a fight and punching someone is not really my sister's style, but clearly if you're a crocodile, the rules don't apply."

A GoFundMe page set up by Hana to raise money to help cover medical costs for the twins has raised nearly £38,000.

In a video update on Thursday, she thanked all the well wishers who donated and told people the family now believed they had enough to care for their sisters needs.