British woman in coma after twin sister fights off crocodile in Mexico now has sepsis

Sister Hana Laurie speaks to ITV News about Melissa and Georgia's conditions after a crocodile attack in Mexico

A British woman who was attacked by a crocodile and saved by her twin sister has developed sepsis from bite injuries.

Melissa and Georgia Laurie, both 28, were swimming in a lagoon in Mexico, around 10 miles from Puerto Escondido, when a crocodile dragged Melissa under the water.

Georgia fought off the crocodile, punching it in the head, when it attacked Melissa three times, their sister Hana Laurie, 33, said.

Both sisters, from Berkshire, were taken to hospital with bite injuries and Melissa was placed into a medically-induced coma.

Melissa has since developed sepsis and her situation is still "quite serious", said Hana.

Hana told ITV News: "She has developed sepsis from some of the wounds that she received.

"The seawater and debris that she breathed in have caused her a lung infection and she's got some abdominal issues as well.

"She's had a couple of operations on her wrist and her abdomen, so we are hoping that she will just have a little more time to have restorative rest in the medically induced coma but we're hoping that in the next couple of days we'll be able to see some improvement on that."

Hana Laurie is hopeful Melissa's condition will improve in the 'next couple of days'

Having spoken to an English-speaking doctor, Hana said the family expects to see Melissa taken off the ventilator in the "next couple of days".

She said: "It’s going to be a case by case basis to see how she’s getting on.

"But then, they have had to repair her stomach and organs so it’s going to be a littlewhile until she’s going to be able to eat and ingest food.

"We’re weeks away at best, but we’ll have to see. She’s just as strong as (Georgia)."

Meanwhile, Georgia, who punched the crocodile, has been discharged from hospital.

Melissa (left) and her twin sister Georgia (right) Credit: Melissa Laurie/Facebook

Hana said Georgia was "definitely doing better" but was "a bit frightened" and will need a lot of sleep.

Since being discharged, Georgia has been able to see her twin sister for the first time since the attack.

Hana said: "It's obviously a difficult situation with Covid but also with her being intubated and unresponsive at the moment."

'We're all really really proud of Georgia,' says sister Hana Laurie

Speaking about Georgia's heroics, she said: "She was very brave. We're all really really proud of her. Just hope it makes the difference, you know."

She added: "I would like to point out she's not a brawling type, normally. Starting a fight and punching someone is not really my sister's style, but clearly if you're a crocodile, the rules don't apply."

Recalling the moment she found out something had happened to her sisters early on Monday, she said: "I'm quite good at being on task but it is different when you really care about someone and you think, what can I do? Oh, not much.

"So the communication is difficult because of the time difference and getting any information out of them because they weren't very well."

A GoFundMe page set up by Hana to raise money to help cover medical costs for the twins has raised nearly £38,000.

Writing on the page, Hana said: "Georgia has been discharged from the hospital and remains nearby to continue with dressing changes and treatment etc.

"She has told us she went to see Melissa before she left and it was really hard.

Georgia reportedly punched the crocodile in the head to save her sister. Credit: AP

"Mel is very bruised, has two black eyes and deep cuts to her face, torso and leg where the crocodile has bitten and scratched her. 

"There's currently no change in information for Melissa's condition which remains 'delicate', but we think stable. We wait to see how she reacts and recovers over the coming days."

Hana said their father Sean Laurie will be flying out to Mexico in the coming days and an English-speaking doctor, Dr Esteban Bolanos, is helping give the family updates.

Hana spoke about the response to the family's fundraiser: "Everybody's been really really generous. and we're a humble family, we don't ask for help regularly and we wouldn't ask for more than we needed so it's very heartwarming.

"People's generosity has not gone unnoticed but we want to make sure that we do the right thing."

The twins, described as being "very close" and "very keen travellers" by Hana, were volunteering with animals in the country and had been taking a break when the attack happened in Manialtepec Lagoon.

Dad Sean told the Daily Mail, Georgia, a diver who has life-saving experience, found Melissa face-down in the water several minutes later.

He explained Georgia tried to bring Melissa back to their boat but the crocodile attacked again.

Sean said: “Georgia had to fight it off. She kept punching it in the head.”

Hana previously said the pair had booked a tour with a guide through their hostel and the women found out later their tour guide was not registered and had taken them to a swimming spot which was not recommended.