Giant waterspout descends from dark clouds to loom over Cuban port city

Locals in south-west Cuba witnessed an enormous waterspout looming over a port city.

The weather phenomenon was filmed descending from dark clouds into the port city of Cienfuegos.

According to local meteorologist, Alvaro Pérez Senra, the spout formed while a line of storms rapidly took shape in the city's bay area on Saturday afternoon.

He warned residents on Facebook to "protect yourself!" as he said the storm line was moving southwest "rapidly" between Cienfuegos and Cumanayagua and was getting more intense.

Although waterspouts are a rare occurrence on the Caribbean island, they have become increasingly frequent with several spotted over recent months, according to reports.

Government media Cubadebate showed footage of the weekend's spout as well as an image of a similar formation the previous month.

A waterspout is a spinning column of air that connects clouds with the sea as it sucks up water.

Unlike twisters or whirlwinds, waterspouts rarely cause damage.

No injuries nor damage were reported by authorities in Cuba after Saturday's spout.