Prince Andrew: Why the Queen acted to remove military roles from her son for good

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship explains what roles Andrew now no longer holds

I remember being outside Buckingham Palace when they announced Prince Andrew was having his royal duties removed temporarily, following his disastrous Newsnight interview.It was a big moment but the expectation then was that he would have the roles back when it was all over.But this is worse, this time it is over for good.

What does the removal of these roles mean? "In terms of his royal role, it's over," says our Royal Editor Chris Ship

The Queen did not act alone - discussions among family members had intensified in the last few days; phone calls were being made. Something had to be done.You can feel the hand of those who will inherit the throne behind the decision.Prince Charles and Prince William could see that the reputational damage from the civil case in the US was not confined to Prince Andrew - it was now starting to damage the wider monarchy.And with the agreement of other family members the decision was made.

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Prince Andrew's side say it happened with his agreement - it seems he knew he had little choice.The affiliations and duties given back to the Queen "will not return to the Duke of York" said the statement from Buckingham Palace.

They meant: not ever.