Footage from Gazan hospital shows doctors operating by torchlight

The footage shows doctors working on a man's arm with only their phone torches in Khan Younis in southern Gaza

Video footage from a Gazan hospital has shown doctors operating with only the light from their mobile phones, as the region plunges further into crisis without electricity.

Staff at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, have been forced to work with limited electricity after Israeli blockades shut down the region's main power station.

Cameras captured the moment a medical team were stitching a man's arm as doctors across Gaza have been unable to power generators, operating with futile supplies after being left without fuel.

"It’s terrible and horrible, no words can describe it," said Dr Mohammed Qandeel, the emergency director at Nasser Hospital.

'We are in a very, very difficult situation,' said Dr Mohammed Qandeel, Nasser Hospital's emergency director

"For the last few days, we are sending a call for the human community that in the hospital we don’t have fuel... We are working with the patient on the mobile lights only, we don’t have any ICU beds.

"We cant save more lives, if this happens... more kids, more children, more women, will die and face death without any medical help."

Wards are overwhelmed after thousands of Gazans have sought shelter in the hospitals that remain functioning.

United Nations (UN) bosses are pleading for aid to make its way into Gaza after Israeli airstrikes and blockades on food, water, and fuel have devastated the area.

After talks with US President Joe Biden, Israel agreed to let aid into Gaza via Egypt's Rafah crossing. But the crossing has not yet been opened and the packages do not include fuel.

Criticisms have been made, including by the US, over the ministry's transparency. Credit: AP

“It is appalling that fuel will not be allowed in, making the distribution of aid to the people who need it across Gaza impossible," Melanie Ward, Chief Executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians, told ITV News on Thursday.

"Without electricity, the lights will go out in hospitals, desalination and sewage plants will not function, and many more people will die."

Hamas, a proscribed terrorist group governing the Gaza Strip, launched an attack on an Israeli music festival on Saturday October 7, executing hundreds of civilians, prompting retaliatory airstrikes from Israel.

Over 3,700 Palestinians and more than 1,400 Israelis have died, according to their respective officials, as the conflict enters its fourteenth day.

Fears now loom of a ground invasion by Israel as the country's Defence Minister said the IDF will "soon see" the enclave "from the inside".

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