Keswick play area forced to close for the year after 'awful' Storm Arwen destruction

A popular play area in Keswick has been forced to close indefinitely due to damage caused by Storm Arwen.

Around 25 large trees, some thirty feet high, came down at Rookery Woods during the high winds at the end of November.

Around 25 trees were felled by Storm Arwen Credit: Jack Beament

Jack Beament is the assistant manager at Keswick Climbing Wall and Adventure Centre. He explained that the extent of the damage is widespread.

He said: "It goes from trees falling on top of each other, which is ok - it's easy to deal with -to trees going right through the middle of our main elements in this woodland area.

"Not just damaging it, completely destroying it to a point where there's no point even trying to fix it, just clearing it out and starting again, costing us a lot of money, so it's a real shame."

Roots are still visible around the play area Credit: Jack Beament

The indoor climbing wall has been able to stay open, but getting the play area open again could take a long time - especially as the region braces itself for Storm Barra.

Beament, whose mother owns the site, says it's a worrying time for the business.

He hopes they can reopen in the New Year, but with the bad weather continuing, they are simply going day to day for now.

With some of the trees that survived Storm Arwen in precarious positions, it is hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

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