Sheffield households offered one-off payment to help with rising energy costs

Those who pay for their energy but do not pay council tax are eligible. Credit: PA

Householders in Sheffield are being offered a one-off payment to help with the rising cost of energy bills.

The so-called "discretionary energy rebate" is open to those residents who do not get council tax bills, but pay for their energy.

The city council has a limited fund to provide the payments.

Applicants must submit their claim before the end of July. Once the scheme closes, applications will be assessed and the amount will be divided between those who are successful.

It follows a government announcement earlier in the year that most council tax payers in bands A to D would be entitled to a £150 rebate.

Who is eligible for Sheffield Council's energy rebate?

To claim the rebate you must:

  • not named on the council tax bill

  • be responsible for paying the energy costs for your property, either by being billed or paying by pre-payment meter

  • have been a resident at the property on 1 April, 2022.

Who isn't eligible?

You cannot claim if you:

  • are named on the council tax bill

  • live with someone named on the council tax bill

  • live with someone who has already received a discretionary energy rebate payment

  • are a landlord for a property where the landlord is responsible for the energy bill

How do you apply?

You can apply online here.

Payments will be made to eligible applicants by the end of August 2022.