Midlands students receive their GCSE results after days of worry

  • WATCH as students opened their results in Nottingham this morning.

Students across the Midlands have received their GCSE results following a U-turn on grading.

It means pupils were given their teachers' predicted grades, known as their "centre assessed grades," rather than a moderated version created by a computer algorithm.

It follows an outcry over A-level results last week, after 40% of grades were downgraded by the computer marking system.

Despite it being a day of celebration for many GCSE students - it wasn't a cheery day for all - as BTEC pupils didn't get their results after a last-minute review of the grading system.

  • Positive reactions from pupils in Oldbury this morning

More than one in four (25.9%) GCSE entries in England scored one of the three top grades this year, up from just over a fifth (20.7%) last summer, figures from exams regulator Ofqual show.

The proportion receiving the top grades – at least a 7 or an A grade – is a record high based on available data following the decision to switch to centre assessed grades.

Teachers across the region have praised their students after what's turned out to be an unprecedented year for them.

Many of course left school in March, not knowing how they'll be assessed in the months to come.

As many pupils look forward to college and sixth form, some education centres say they've already reached maximum capacity due to limits on the number of pupils that can be admitted amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, despite it being a day of celebration for many, for some, the journey isn't yet over.

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