'The sheer size takes your breath away' - Nottingham to display England's first real T-Rex skeleton in over a century

The first real Tyrannosaurus Rex to be exhibited in England for over a century will go on display in Nottingham this weekend. 

Named Titus, the skeleton which was discovered in the Montana Badlands in the U.S. in 2018 will be revealed to visitors for the first time at Wollaton Hall Natural History Museum on Sunday (4th July).

Titus' bones will be shown as part of an exhibition explaining Titus' discovery, excavation, curation, examination, rebuild and final reveal. 

Rachael Evans, Nottingham City Museums' Development Manager said: "Coming face to face with an actual T-Rex is an experience very few in the world can claim. Even in skeleton form, Titus' power and presence is unmistakable - we have had to dedicate the largest room at Wollaton Hall just to him alone.”

Visit Nottinghamshire's Kinga Kapias added: "As the only T-Rex on display in the UK, for most people this will be the one chance they get in their lifetimes to come face to face with this massive, majestic creature which walked the earth millions of years ago.”

Visitors must book tickets in advance - the exhibition lasts until August 2022.

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