Man with Downs Syndrome says "world has changed" after support parrot goes missing

Parrot Charlie, and owner Aiden

A mum from Derby is doing all she can to reunite her son Aiden with his 8 year old, African Grey parrot Charlie after it went missing two weeks ago.

24-year-old Aiden Upchurch has downs syndrome, as well as lupus and arthritis, and was struggling to cope with lockdown until his family decided to get him a rescue parrot as a support animal.

On Thursday 29th July, Charlie flew out of the family home in Derby, and hasn't been seen since.

Aiden has not stopped looking for him, and now an appeal has been launched for his safe return.

Charlie was last seen at the family home address on Thursday, 29th July

If you have any information on Charlie's whereabouts, you can contact the family via Beauty's Legacy, a charity that reunites lost pets with their owners.