Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games volunteer uniforms unveiled

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games has unveiled the uniform that thousands of volunteers and staff members will be wearing at the Games.

The uniform design for technical officials and the formal outfits for delegates have also been revealed. 

The uniforms will be worn by more than 14,000 people from across Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond, who make up the "Commonwealth Collective".

The volunteers will be a visible presence in the city and across the wider region for more than a million spectators who will be visiting the West Midlands during the Games.

Max Jimminson, uniforms operations manager at Birmingham 2022, said: “The uniform reflects Birmingham’s unique history and culture, whilst also ensuring that it is comfortable and functional for all wearers to carry out their roles.

The uniform that will be worn by the Commonwealth Games volunteers Credit: Birmingham 2022

“We drew inspiration from local landmarks and architecture to create authentic and eye-catching designs, and to help our workforce feel a sense of connection with the city and each other, as they carry out their important roles at the Games.”

A number of students from the city have worked with Birmingham 2022 to shape the uniform design, which has been inspired by Birmingham’s architecture and rich cultural heritage.

The uniform features patterns from the iconic Library of Birmingham design and waves inspired by the architecture of Birmingham’s Grand Central and Bullring building.

These are included on all upper body garments, such as the polo shirt, gilet and waterproof jacket.

The uniforms have been produced by Coleshill-based workwear company, Incorporatewear Ltd, who has taken steps to ensure the production process is as sustainable as possible.

Any excess material will be made into sports bibs for local schools and clubs, forming part of the Games’ legacy.

The volunteer uniforms will be worn at the games, which are set to begin in July Credit: Birmingham 2022

Volunteers from the "Commonwealth Collective" were given an exclusive first glimpse of the uniform on Sunday evening as part of the Orientation kick-off to their training journey.

Each member of the collective will receive two polo shirts, trousers, a waterproof jacket, gilet, belt, bag, and hat.

Two-time Commonwealth Champion Colin Jackson, who has been supporting the Birmingham 2022 volunteer campaign from the beginning, said: “Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Commonwealth Games and play a hugely important role in making both athletes’ and spectators’ journeys very special.

“They are often the first people that visitors to the city meet, and the uniforms will help them stand out from the crowd and give them that special recognition they deserve.

More than 41,000 people have applied to volunteer across more than 300 different types of roles to help the Games run smoothly  Credit: Birmingham 2022

“I really hope the volunteers share my excitement and will wear their uniforms with pride, knowing the difference they will make as they embark on their journey with the Games.”

More than 41,000 people have applied to volunteer across more than 300 different types of roles to help the Games run smoothly. 

Volunteers were selected earlier this year and will altogether receive approximately 250,000 hours of training and complete one million hours of volunteer service.

Katie Sadleir, CEO of Commonwealth Games Federation said: “The volunteers really are the face of the Commonwealth Games and it is fantastic to see their bright new uniforms for the first time, which are inspired by the culture and heritage of the city.

"I cannot wait to meet the ‘Commonwealth Collective’ in Birmingham and I know that they will help us showcase the very best of the city, the country and the Commonwealth.”