RSPCA appeal after kitten dumped in closed cardboard box in Telford

Little Apley is now doing well
Apley is now doing well after his ordeal Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA teams are appealing for information after a kitten was found dumped in a closed cardboard box in Shropshire.

The box was discovered on the pavement in the layby by Apley Pool on the A442 near Wellington in Telford.

The kitten has now been named Apley, after the road where he was found by a member of the public walking their dog.

RSPCA inspector Claire Davey said:

“This poor tabby and white kitten is only aged around three to four months. He must have been so frightened.

“He was left inside the cardboard box with the lid folded in on itself, and we are very grateful to the dog walker who came across the box and saw it move.

“The walker took the kitten immediately to a local vets - who then notified us.”

"He just wants a cuddle"

Apley is now recovering and, despite being covered in fleas, is in good condition.

RSPCA teams says he's a bit of a cheeky character. Claire says:

"He is very friendly and cheeky and just wants a cuddle. 

“He wasn’t chipped and there wasn’t any CCTV so we don’t know his background and where he came from.

"If no-one comes forward I’m sure he will find his forever home with a new owner.”

Claire says the RSPCA is appealing for anyone with first-hand information to get in touch, and said:

“We know times are tough at the moment and the cost of living is really affecting families who are struggling with their pets and the costs that come with them.

“But we ask for people not to abandon and dump these animals - but to seek help from charities and organisations out there".