Robber held knife to woman's throat and forced her to walk to cashpoint

Kamran Mahmood Credit: West Midlands Police

A prolific burglar and robber who took part in a shocking campaign of crime has been jailed.

Kamran Mahmood stole from homes and robbed vulnerable victims throughout Walsall in February and March this year.

The 21-year-old broke into houses to steal valuables and even forced his way into people’s homes at knifepoint in the brazen offences, which saw him steal valuables and cash worth thousands.

In one particularly incident, Mahmood held a knife to a woman’s throat and forced her to walk to a cashpoint, telling her he would cut her throat if she called for help.

One of Mahmood’s burglaries saw him barge past the occupant of a house, threatening her with a knife if she didn’t give him money.

He then stole cash from her before trying to destroy her mobile phone.

Mahmood's chain of offences continued with further robberies in Walsall, following a pattern of him threatening to hurt his victims before making them hand over money and, in one case, write out a cheque.

He continued stealing cash and other valuables including TVs, jewellery and alcohol before he was arrested on 5 March this year following some excellent investigative work by Walsall LPA officers.

Mahmood, formerly of Rough Hay Road, Darlaston, was jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court after being charged with burglary dwelling, robbery, attempted robbery and kidnap.

He was sentenced to eight years in prison.