'Much-loved daughter, sister and niece' is how woman killed in Small Heath will be remembered

Shannon Stanley Credit: West Midlands Police

A "much-loved daughter, sister and niece" is how the family of a woman killed in Small Heath will be remembered.

Shannon Stanley was found with severe injuries in the early hours of 10 May, 2022, after she was repeatedly stabbed by Pablo Hoad. 

The 28-year-old was arrested from his home in Whitmore Road, Small Heath. He was found guilty of manslaughter and will be sentenced in February 2024. 

A tribute to Shannon on the West Midlands Police website written by her family reads: “Shannon was a daughter, sister, niece and much loved by us all and all her friends. 

"Shannon was living in Birmingham and enjoying life. Her life has now ended in the most violent way.

"She was at home with her friends where she should have been safe but the actions of Pablo Hoad that night took her life and her future away.

"He has taken our beloved Shannon away when he could have just walked away instead of doing what he did.

"We would like to thank the police who have worked hard to bring us to this point and grateful for the people who tried to help Shannon. 

"Our lives will never be the same without her and she is missed terribly by us all."

Police said Hoad and his girlfriend had spent the evening with Shannon and a friend when an argument broke out between Shannon and Hoad.

During the trial, witnesses described Hoad dragging Shannon into the kitchen where he slammed her against the worktop, stabbed her repeatedly in the head and neck before fleeing the house.

Friends called for an ambulance and provided emergency aid to Shannon, but she sadly died at the scene. 

After fleeing the address, Hoad returned to his home and called police.

During the call he confessed to stabbing Shannon telling the call handler, “I’m the perpetrator, not the victim. I went too far.”

Detective Inspector Jim Mahon, from force CID and who led the investigation, said: “Hoad lost control and repeatedly stabbed Shannon and although he claims he never meant it to get out of hand, he never sought any help for her. Instead he ran home leaving Shannon fatally injured. 

“Shannon had many people who loved and cared for her. I hope that they can feel some sense of justice following this result at court.”