Local Elections 2024: Labour's Richard Parker elected as West Midlands mayor, beating Andy Street

Labour's Richard Parker has been elected as the new mayor of the West Midlands, beating Conservative Andy Street.

The Tory candidate had hoped to cling on for a third term in the West Midlands, but Labour's challenger beat him with a majority of just 1,508 votes.

It is a huge blow for the Conservatives who have suffered losses across the Midlands and the country.

Speaking after his election was announced, Mr Parker said: 'Up and down the country people are looking for a fresh start.

"I hope the Prime Minister is watching as well, because if you haven’t heard Rishi Sunak, our people are calling for a general election.

"I will get this region’s future back, and a Labour mayor working with a Labour government will help get Britain’s future back."

Former West Midlands mayor Mr Street apologised to his Conservative team after failing to win a third term.

He wished Mr Parker "all strength and wisdom as he takes on this role".

Richard Parker, the new mayor of the West Midlands. Credit: PA

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “This phenomenal result was beyond our expectations.

"People across the country have had enough of Conservative chaos and decline and voted for change with Labour.

"Our fantastic new mayor Richard Parker stands ready to deliver a fresh start for the West Midlands.

"My changed Labour Party is back in the service of working people, and stands ready to govern.

"Labour will turn the page after 14 years of Tory decline and usher in a decade of national renewal. That change starts today."

The Conservative loss was part of a double blow for the Prime Minister after Labour’s Sadiq Khan secured a historic third term as mayor of London.

The party also counted mayoral victories in Liverpool, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and in Greater Manchester where Andy Burnham returned to power.

Defeated Conservative Andy Street. Credit: PA

With the loss of the West Midlands, the Prime Minister is left with the sole consolation of a mayoral victory in the Tees Valley.

Lord Ben Houchen retained the region for the Tories on Friday, amid denials he had sought to distance himself from the Conservatives during the campaign.

Mr Street’s loss may have an impact on the Prime Minister’s defence against backbench Tory challenges to his authority.

As West Midlands mayor, Mr Parker will represent an area covering Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, and other boroughs across the region.

The total voter turnout was 29.81%, with a total of 601,713 votes, down from 31% in 2021.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner was also declared, with Labour candidate Simon Foster being re-elected.

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