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EDL & Anti Fascist protests end in ten arrests

Ten people were arrested today for public order related offences after separate English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism demonstrations took place in Birmingham city centre.

Despite a number of flashpoints there were no major clashes between protestors and the police.

In Pictures: Unite Against Fascism counter demo

Anti-fascist protestors gathered at 11am in Victoria Square. Credit: ITV News Central
Speakers argued for unity in action against the EDL. Credit: ITV News Central
The Unite Against Fascism counter demo later took place in Chamberlain Square. Credit: ITV News Central
Numbers diminished by the early afternoon as the rain arrived. Credit: ITV News Central

Unite Against Facism gather for counter demo in Birmingham

Members of Unite Against Facism are gathering in Birmingham City Centre this lunchtime as rival group EDL stage a protest in the city.

Police have given both groups specific areas to hold their protests. Both demonstrations must be over by 3pm.


EDL members chant as they gather ahead of protest

Watch as EDL members gather outside a bar in Birmingham ready to stage a protest in the city centre.

Members chanted "E E EDL" ahead of the protest in Centenary Square at 1 o'clock. A counter demonstration by Unite Against Facism takes place at the same time in Chamberlain Square.

Report: Birmingham prepares for major EDL protest

Police are insisting it's business as usual in Birmingham city centre during today's EDL & UAF demonstrations, but hundreds of extra officers have been drafted in from all over the country to deal with any potential trouble.

Here's Mark Gough's report on how the city has been preparing for the protests.

Religious Leaders unite as EDL protest in Birmingham

Faith leaders in Birmingham say the EDL is not welcome in the city.

Today, hundreds of protesters from the English Defence League will stage a protest in the city centre at the same time as members of Unite Against Facism stage a counter demonstration.

"The best thing we can do as a city is treat it like any other Saturday, because it is just any other Saturday. We are Birmingham, and together we show the world every day how our diversity helps us thrive."

– Faith leaders in Birmingham Statement

Police: 'Business as usual' during EDL & UAF protests

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