Sophia Bird: Storm Barbara arrives Wednesday morning across Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney

Wet and windy weather moving towards the islands Credit: ITV Channel TV

It's Autumn and the beginning of the storm season for the Channel Islands. Typically most storms that affect the UK are named by the UK Met Office. However the first storm from the UK Met office, is yet to be named.

So how is it that we have already had "Storm Alex" and now "Storm Barbara" has been named?

Storm Alex Credit: ITV Channel TV

Well Storm Alex was actually named by Meteo France, who work with the Portuguese and Spanish Met departments in naming storms across their regions in Europe.

And with another deep area of low pressure developing over Spain, Storm Barbara* has been named by the Spanish Met Service.

*When googling Storm Barbara be careful not to see information on a Storm Barbara named in 2016 y the UK Met department effecting Scotland on a Friday 23 December of that year!

So what will the Channel Islands expect from Storm Barbara. Well her impact will be felt as we go into Wednesday morning. The winds before that are associated with a separate area of low pressure moving into Ireland today (Monday).

Storm Barbara will bring some rain, possibly heavy, across the Channel Islands and to the south east and possibly central England on Wednesday.

Met Offices will be keeping a close eye on the positioning of the storm though, as there is still the potential for severe gales to affect the extreme south-east of England.

We name storms to ensure the public are aware of them and how dangerous they can be. The UK Met department started naming storms in 2014 and now combine their naming with Met Éireann (Irish Met Department) and also this year, with the Netherlands. Click here for the latest forecast across the Channel Islands