Jersey's £56.5 million cost of living 'mini-budget' approved by States Members

Cash and the states of Jersey
States members voted through the £56.5 million emergency mini-budget. Credit: ITV Channel Television

A £56.5 million raft of measures proposed by Jersey's government to tackle the rising cost of living has been unanimously approved in the States Assembly.

The agreed changes include:

  • islanders will be able to earn 12% more before being charged Income Tax

  • a temporary 2% reduction in Social Security contributions between October-December 2022

  • a temporary increase to £70 in cold weather payments between October 2022 and March 2023

  • doubling the Community Costs Bonus from £258.25 to £516.50.

Only one amendment to the proposed emergency 'mini-budget' was supported by politicians, which allowed more households to access Jersey's 'Community Costs Bonus'.

That's a targeted support scheme which provides a yearly payment to those most affected by the cost of GST on food.

Deputy Lindsay Feltham's amendment made it so all households where no one person owed more than £2,735 in tax the previous year are now eligible for the payments.

Eligible individuals can apply for the payment by visiting or calling 444444.

Calls from Deputy Sam Mézec to introduce a rent freeze in Jersey were rejected by States Members.

Chief Minister Deputy Kristina Moore said: “Delivering a mini-budget to support Islanders with the cost-of-living crisis was the number one priority of the Government’s plan for the first 100 days. The mini-budget puts money back into Islanders’ pockets and focuses support on those who are most vulnerable to the rising cost of living.

“I am grateful for the support of States Members in delivering this rapid response to assist our community. In the months ahead, we will continue to listen to Islanders and respond asnecessary to future challenges and pressures.”