Condor unveils new design for 100% electric ferry due to begin sea trials in 2024

The new 24-metre electric ferry is due to begin sea trials in Northern Ireland in 2024. Credit: Condor Ferries/Artemis Technologies

Designs for a zero-emission "flying" ferry have been unveiled by Condor Ferries.

The Channel Islands' ferry operator announced in April it was working with Belfast-based Artemis Technologies to develop a 100% electric craft.

New details have been released about the new vessel, which is due to be trialled between Belfast and Bangor starting in 2024.

The EF-24 can carry up to 150 passengers, travel up to 100 nautical miles, and with a top speed of 38 knots (around 44mph).

The company behind the new vessel has described the design as a "game changer" for high-speed ferry operators around the globe.

Artemis says the 24-metre hydrofoil design means the craft can "fly above the water", reducing drag and using up to 90% less energy than some conventional ferries.

How the inside of the ferry could look Credit: Artemis Technologies

The EF-24 ferries will be fully accessible, with facilities on board including bike racks, cabin bag and overhead storage, baby-changing facilities and charging points.

John Napton, Condor’s CEO, said: ‘As an experienced, commercial operator, we are really pleased to see the progress made by the Artemis team in Belfast in developing this concept into an operational mode of transport.

"Condor and our shareholder CTI are looking to the future and this includes exploring ways of reducing our carbon emissions and finding more sustainable travel solutions. Vessels, such as the EF-24, perfectly provide the clean alternative to traditional ferries."

The boat would include bike racks Credit: Artemis Technologies