More young people seeking mental health counselling in Jersey

There has been a rise in mental health issues amongst young people in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel

More young people in Jersey are accessing counselling services as the number of mental health referrals increases.

In 2022, 1,553 1:2:1 counselling sessions were held for young people aged 12-25 - an increase of more than 200 since 2019.

The Jersey Youth Service is currently running 23 different projects to provide safe, supportive spaces for young people in the island.

Last year, 1,209 islanders were referred to Jersey's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS), compared to 661 in 2019.

To combat this increase, CAHMS have undertaken a recruitment drive to provide more support to more young people.

Since 2020, young people and their families have found advice on dealing with mental health issues through the Children and Families Hub.

In 2022, 317 families and individuals responded to the service - an increase of over 100 since 2020.