In pictures: Channel Islanders enjoy snow day

Credit: Naomi Grimes and Lucia Walmsley

Up to 5cm of snow has fallen in parts of the Channel Islands, with many people out and about enjoying a rare day of wintery weather.

Jersey saw the most significant amount of snowfall in nearly a decade - causing disruption to schools and travel.

But it also gave others the chance to make snowmen, sledge and create snow angels, some for the first time.

Check out a selection of viewer pictures below.

Snow scenes across the Channel Islands:

Sophia and Sienna Adeler from Grouville playing out in the snow. Credit: Kirsty Le Mevel
Rudolph stuck around for the snow in Sark. Credit: Paul Brown
Alderney residents woke up to snow-covered cars. Credit: Alex Snowdon
St Helier's rooftops were blanketed with snow. Credit: Maya Huelin
Sunny enjoyed his first experience of snow in St Martins. Credit: Steph Bisson
Remi next to a warmly-dressed snowman. Credit: Naomi Grimes
One of many islanders making snow angels earlier. Credit: Eliana
Rosie exploring the snowy conditions in St Ouen. Credit: Lucia Walmsley
Up to 5cm of snow fell across Jersey. Credit: Annette Walton
Isla making the best of the wintery weather. Credit: Katie Gouyet
Hallie enjoying the snow for the first time. Credit: Lyndsey Coutanche

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