Guernsey residents make another attempt to digitally map out the island

  • ITV Channel reporter Roisin Gauson meets the man who has been mapping out Guernsey for Google

Guernsey residents are attempting to digitally map the island for one of the world's biggest companies.

Andre Quevatre, who lives in The Vale, is using a 360 camera attached to his car to collect footage of his parish.

Once filmed the recordings are then given to Google to include in their online mapping technology known as Street View.

Andre says the footage is generating a lot of interest: "There's been over half a million views since last August, so people are looking.

"If other people around the world are using it, like myself, then I just think it's a useful thing and it doesn't cost me anything to do."

Street View can also prove useful for local companies.

Marketing expert Ben Inder explains: "Businesses are always asking for ways to get higher visibility. They may not specifically ask about Street View, probably because it hasn't been here and there's low awareness of it, but it's definitely something that's going to benefit them going forward."

Google tried to record footage of Guernsey for Street View around 15 years ago but the project was stopped because of data protection issues.

Since then, the company has changed its policies with personal information such as numberplates and faces now blurred out.

Brent Homan is the Data Commissioner for the Bailiwick of Guernsey and says schemes like this can be carried out responsibly.

He adds: "Technology is evolving at a revolutionary pace. There's more information and personal information being collected than ever before so it makes for a challenging regulatory sphere in order to protect people, but we're up for the challenge."