Second baby beaver kit discovered at Hatchmere Nature Reserve in Cheshire

  • Two baby beavers have been born at Hatchmere Nature Reserve in Cheshire.

A nature reserve in Cheshire say they are "delighted" after discovering not one but two baby beavers thriving in the wetlands.

One kit was found to have been born at Hatchmere Nature Reserve, in Delamere Forest, in July 2022 after two adults were reintroduced for the first time in 400 years.

But after a closer check of their cameras, Cheshire Wildlife Trust say they have now discovered a second baby, completing the family.

The trust revealed the exciting news on social media. They said: "Earlier this year we announced the arrival of the first beaver kit to be born in Cheshire in over 400 years!

"However after checking the wildlife cameras recently, we discovered that there wasn’t just one, but two."

Kev Feeney, Senior Living Landscapes Officer for Cheshire Wildlife Trust said: "We’re delighted with the discovery of two beaver kits at Hatchmere Nature Reserve.

"It’s coming up to the two-year anniversary since Rowan and Willow were released back in 2020, so it’s nice to have a small beaver family living in Cheshire for the first time in 400 years."

As part of a five-year project, a pair of Eurasian beavers were released into the 10 acre enclosure in November 2020, to save and restore the wetland ecosystem - and evidence shows they are already doing the job.

Male beaver swims at the reserve. Credit: Hatchmere Nature Reserve

Experts say the beavers' natural behaviour in creating dams is encouraging previously unseen species into the area such as kingfisher, stoats and a whole host of waterfowl.

Kevin Feeney continues: "The dams and wetlands they have created are helping us to reach our project aims to improve water quality within the catchment and help reverse the decline in Cheshire’s Wildlife."

The wildlife trust is now asking members and supporters of their beaver appeal to help name the kits.

Rowan and Willow - the adult beavers and parents of the new arrivals - were named by the public and local school children in 2021.

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