Second World War veteran inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore releases 100th birthday fundraising performance

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"If I hear a song and I like it and I’ll sing it with whoever", Music has helped Charlie Pallett through some fo the most challenging events of his life and it’s one song in particular that the 99-year old is using to try and support others, inspired by the efforts of Captain Sir Tom MooreThe Second World War veteran was trained around Lymington and Southampton on the South coast and now lives in Shepway in Kent.

He took himself down to a recording studio and performed a version of the wartime favourite, ‘Keep on going to the end of the Road.’A video of him singing has been released and he was hoping to raise a £1,000 for the charity Help For Heroes, which helps servicemen and women.

He was aiming to reach that target before his 100th birthday but has already smashed that amount on April 6th and now is looking to raise as much money as he can by asking for donations this year instead of cards and gifts.

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Charlie was called into service on his 18th birthday and his role during the conflict was to deliver ammunition and supplies around the world.He says music kept he and his pals determined during the war, "It was a lot of help, any kind of music, singing, hearing people’s voices.“Vera Lynn, if she was called to a big campsite where there was more than one battalion, then you would be told best bib and tucker and go to the show, that’s when you would hear the song.”

Charlie Pallett was called into service when he turned 18 Credit:

The father of three has a family who are incredibly proud of what he’s doing. His daughter Yvonne Elliott says,"We’re all very very proud of him and it’s amazing what he’s done. He wanted to do it for all the servicemen and women, Helping for Heroes is very very close to his heart being a former serviceman."Carole Groves, National Senior Fundraising Manager at Help for Heroes, adds, "For Charlie to ask for donations to help other war heroes instead of receiving cards and presents for his 100th birthday is so incredibly generous – and also timely as the past 12 months have been tougher than ever for veterans living with a life-changing injury or illness."We can’t stop watching his wonderful video which warms the cockles of our hearts. By supporting veterans and their families Charlie is helping us give them the strength they need to live the lives they deserve."Asked if he wanted fame following his performance, Charlie said, "After my birthday I just want to forget it all. I don’t want to be a celebrity I just want to be me."