'It still feels like we're hanging on by our fingertips' - Status Quo on 48 years in the business

  • Francis Ross from Status Quo speaks to ITV Meridian reporter Natalie Boare

Status Quo front man Francis Rossi says after all these years it still feels great going out on stage.

"It's always good but ever since our first hit at 17/ 18 you're hanging on by your fingertips it seems the whole time."

The band are on tour and over their 48 years in the business they've racked up some impressive stats.

Asked if he ever gets nervous, Francis told me, "We never get nervous, when Rick was still with us, we'd always be asked if we get nervous ...but if you get nervous you don't function correctly."

And the band want to get it right every time they go on stage, "There is a certain amount of 'will we live up to it each time?' ... and you're always aware that 'I hope it's good, I hope it's good," says Francis.

The pandemic meant the band couldn't perform, "It was the first time I've been off that long ... and getting back was the problem and it took me until probably 6 or 8 weeks ago in Brussels where the body got into it again, Francis told me.

The band will take a short break for Christmas before they're back on stage delighting fans again.

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