'Shocking' video shows BMW dangerously drifting near Horsham in front of spectators

  • WATCH: Sussex Police have released this “shocking” video in an attempt to identify the driver responsible.

Sussex Police are condemning a BMW driver for their dangerous ‘drifting’ manoeuvre around a roundabout at Kilnwood Vale, near Horsham.

The incident happened on Thursday 5 January, when a large number of spectators were present, and it was reported by a number of concerned residents.

Chief Inspector Jim Collen said: “The manner of driving captured in this video is truly shocking.

"This is not what the police or the wider public expect of a safe and competent driver, and I am appalled by anyone who feels this is acceptable.

“The level of risk involved is unfathomable and I would discourage anyone from lauding such behaviour.

“We absolutely will not tolerate this sort of stupidity.

"Not only has the driver risked their own life, they have also risked the lives of any other occupants in the car, other roads users, and the dozens of pedestrians who were present to witness it.”