Bovington Tank Museum 'most-watched on YouTube' as it passes 100 million views

  • Watch: ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee visits Bovington Tank Museum as it celebrates its centenary

One of the south's most popular museums has just passed two 'century' milestones.

Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset has been accepting visitors for one hundred years and it's now claiming to be the first museum in the world to achieve one hundred million views on its Youtube channel.

The news comes as the museum opens a new exhibition looking at the role of the Tank in modern culture.

David Willey, the museum's Curator, said: "It's that idea of recognition. People walking past saying I remember that, I had one of those.

Toys, things from the media, films they watched on a wet Sunday afternoon."

So they get that lovely sense of recognition and dare I say it, that warm glow from the past when we all sat round and did things together more."

Bovington Tank museum in the 1970s Credit: Bovington Tank Museum

The Tank museum gets about 250,000 visitors every year.

But it now has 500,000 subscribers to its Youtube channel - which currently has more than 400 videos online.

The museum's Roz Skellorn says "We've got a huge collection, three hundred Tanks, far more than the museum started with.

The idea that people in America, Australia, Mexico, India, everyone all over the world can see what is in the Tank museum in Bovington in Dorset is unimaginable to people one hundred years ago."