Flagship Brighton Boots store redeems itself after attracting a complaint from a politician

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A flagship Boots store has redeemed itself after attracting a complaint about its appearance by a politician.

Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council Bella Sankey asked the pharmaceutical chain to clean up the side of its branch on North Street, Brighton.

Situated at the bottom of Queens Road, the store is a retail landmark in the city centre and will be passed every day by thousands of visitors and residents heading to the seafront from the station.

Writing to Boots on X, formally known as Twitter, Councillor Sankey referred to graffiti on the side of the building and said, “Hi @BootsUK this has been on the side of your flagship store in #Brighton for several months. Could you clean it up please?”

Graffiti is a particular problem for residents and businesses in Brighton and Hove with a local action group started in the summer to tackle the problem.

Business & Residents Against Tagging , or BRAT as they are known, started a website that allows people to report tags and taggers and upload photographs.

BRAT will use the evidence to help the police take action against individuals who deface buildings.

At the time Brighton and Hove Council's said it’s, “reviewing the council’s policy on graffiti management with immediate effect."

"Keen to make a fresh start in terms of looking at new ways of tackling tagging in the city."

A week later after contacting Boots, Councillor Sankey confirmed the graffiti had since been cleaned.

Her message to the company on X read, “What a difference a week makes! Really pleased to see @BootsUK have spruced up their flagship store in #Brighton.”

Boots UK was pleased to see action has been taken.

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