Purewal 'Wembley Twins' condemn racial abuse against Marcus Rashford

Arjun and Amar Purewal, who were the first British South Asian brothers to play at Wembley for opposing sides at the FA Vase Final earlier this month, have condemned the racial abuse aimed at England star Marcus Rashford online following Manchester United's defeat in the Europa League Cup Final.

Hebburn Town player Amar Purewal told ITV News Tyne Tees the abuse aimed at Rashford was "a disgrace".

Credit: PA Images

The twins, born in Sunderland, have taken part in a workshop this week hosted by the Newcastle United Foundation aimed at combating racism and extremism.

Arjun, who plays for Consett AFC and has experienced racism before, told ITV News it is important to educate people about race and equality issues as there are still incidents being reported online and in society.

The workshops have been hosted all week by the Newcastle United Foundation and have been conducted by Middlesbrough based social enterprise, Media Cultured.

The young fans have learned about religions, equality, racism and extremism. NUFC Foundation officer, David Douglass, said it is important for the club to embrace education of this kind, saying "People in general are getting racial abuse online and stuff. I think it’s about time everyone came together and proved the point that everyone’s on a level pegging. Everyone’s just the same so it doesn’t matter race, colour of your skin, it doesn’t matter, you’re a human."

Amjid Khazir, the Middlesbrough born Muslim who set up the social enterprise following the death of his uncle, several weeks after an alleged racist attack, told ITV News the workshops are about "arming" young people with the knowledge to counter extreme and racist narratives.