Man guilty of killing parents

A County Durham man has been found guilty of murdering his parents in Manchester last year.

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Full Report: Stephen Seddon sentenced to 40 years in jail

A County Durham conman convicted of the cold-blooded murder of his parents has been jailed for life.

Stephen Seddon will serve at least 40 years in jail before being considered for parole.

The judge told Seddon he had been driven by greed and "had effectively executed" his parents to collect his inheritance.

During sentencing, Seddon shook his head and shouted "I am an innocent man".

Watch the full report from Claire Montgomery below.


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Family of couple murdered by son 'left feeling numb'

The past nine months have been a very sad and emotional time for our family. The shock of having both Pat and Bob taken from us in such horrifying and tragic circumstances has left us feeling numb.

Pat and Bob were a kind, loving and selfless couple who will be missed by their family and friends and especially their grandson Daniel, whom they cared for with great love and affection.

The family would like to take this opportunity to thank Greater Manchester Police for their dedication and effort in the case, also the legal team for their hard work and expertise.

We would like to now be left in peace to mourn the deaths of Pat and Bob and be allowed to remember them as the loving couple that they were.

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Horror of parents who realised 'son was a monster'

At one point Stephen Seddon shouted from the dock, insisting he was innocent. But the judge told him to keep quiet, and continued his sentencing:

One can only imagine the horror of your parents' last moments in this life, when they realised what a monster their son, whom they loved, had become.

Mercifully their deaths were swift. The reason for the attempted murders and the murders was greed. You needed money. You had lost your job. You had a mortgage. You had a family to support. You had some grand plans.

Despite the fact that your parents had always been very generous in supporting you, you wanted more and you wanted it now - hence the plan to kill them and get your inheritance up front.

The attempt at murder having failed, you decided on a more ruthless and definitive method of killing. You obtained a sawn-off shotgun from criminal associates.

Seddon gets life for murder

Convicted fraudster Stephen Seddon will serve a minimum of 40 years in prison Credit: ITV News

A County Durham man found guilty of killing his parents has been given a life sentence. 46 year old Stephen Seddon from Seaham, shot both his parents so that he would get a quarter of a million pounds.


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Sawn-off shot gun used to kill parents

Convicted fraudster Stephen Seddon, 46, had once before tried to murder his father, Robert Seddon, 68, and mother, Patricia, 65, by driving into a canal with them strapped in the back seats in a faked road accident.

Seddon then "played the hero" in the aftermath of the "accident" after aborting the murder plan when bystanders went to their aid in the submerged car.

The sawn-off shotgun used to kill Robert and Patricia Seddon. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

But after that plan failed, four months later he shot the couple to death with a sawn-off shotgun at their suburban home in Sale, Greater Manchester.

His parents had made him sole beneficiary of their £230,000 estate in their will - and paid with their lives.

Stephen Seddon killed his parents at their suburban home in Sale, Greater Manchester. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Today, the father of three, from Benevente Street in Seaham, County Durham, was convicted of two counts of attempted murder on March 20 last year and two counts of murder on July 4, after a five-week trial at Manchester Crown Court.

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Justice for 'violent and premeditated murders'

As a result of today’s verdicts Stephen Seddon has been brought to justice for the violent and premeditated murders of his own parents and for an earlier attempt on their lives.

He had planned these crimes in enormous detail and went to great lengths to cover his tracks and avoid detection, staging the scene of the murders to make it look like his father was responsible for the shootings.

After his failed attempt to kill his parents by driving the car into the canal he even presented himself as a hero for trying to rescue them.

His motive was purely financial: to get his inheritance without waiting for his parents to die.

Since then he has tried to deceive everyone about what really happened and has shown no remorse whatsoever.

– Cheryl Hramiak, Branch Crown Prosecutor at CPS North West

Seddon found guilty of murdering his parents

Seddon was found guilty of murdering his parents in Manchester Credit: ITV News

A man who killed his own parents to collect an inheritance is facing life in jail after being found guilty of their murders.

Stephen Seddon, 46, from Seaham, County Durham shot his mother and father so he could inherit £230,000.

They both died on July 4th 2012 after Seddon used a sawn-off shot gun to kill them at close range.

The jury found him guilty after hearing Seddon had an "insatiable thirst for cash."

After becoming unemployed, his parents Bob and Patricia Seddon, from Sale, Manchester helped him financially.

They gave their son a £40,000 lump sum and bought him a house to keep a roof over his head.

But that wasn't enough for Seddon.

In March 2012 he tried to kill them by faking a road accident and driving a car into a canal in Manchester with them strapped in the back seats.

They all survived and he was hailed a hero for their rescue.

Weeks later he would shoot them at close range before planting the gun on his father's lap to make it look like a murder-suicide.

Known locally as Nic, Seddon had worked as a salesman across the North East. But he also had a string if previous convictions including theft and obtaining goods by deception.

After a five week trial Seddon was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder and two counts of murder.

He will be sentenced tomorrow morning.

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