Ex-Coronation Street actor Charlie Lawson contacted by Environment Agency over 11th night bonfire

Charlie Lawson has confirmed he is under investigation by the Environment Agency after lighting an Eleventh night bonfire.

The former Coronation Street actor says his agents in both London and in Northern Ireland have been contacted by the agency and the Irish News.

Mr Lawson says it’s because they claim the bonfire contained waste.

The actor is known for his role as Jim McDonald on the famous cobbled streets.

It's believed the incident relates to a bonfire in Fivemiletown.

Earlier on Tuesday, he tweeted “Rouhgan Orange Lodge bonfire. To whom it may concern. Small, organised, no effigies, no flegs, no offence.

“If you really want to persue this……..”

UUP Councillor Alan Lewis gave his backing to Mr Lawson tweeting: “Those boring enough to report @charlie_lawson1 have little to be at. How tedious must their life be? Environmentalists or celebrity bashing witch hunt? “Unionist lights bonfire”🔥breaking ‘news’ 🙄 #GetALife”.