Poll shows voters prefer Welsh lockdown to England's more relaxed Covid-19 rules

The latest poll from ITV Wales reveals that if they could chose, most Welsh voters would prefer to stick to Welsh lockdown rules than switch to the English ones.

The main difference is that travelling to meet friends or family is only allowed if you stay in your local area in Wales, with no restriction on the length of such journeys in England.

Nevertheless, support for the Welsh rules was overwhelming, when people in Wales were asked which they would prefer:

  • Welsh lockdown rules 69%

  • English lockdown rules 17%

  • Neither 7%

  • Don't know 6%

Where people didn't agree with the Welsh Government's coronavirus strategy was over its plans to get children back to school later this month, with most voters against any return to the classroom this term:

  • No children back to school this term 55%

  • A partial return (eg some year groups) 24%

  • All children back to school this term 8%

  • Don't know 13%

Earlier findings from the poll were about fears around easing lockdown, how people intend to vote and the growth of trust in the Welsh Government's handling of the pandemic. The poll also provided the data for Prof Roger Awan-Scully's article on attitudes to independence and devolution.

  • The poll, for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University, had a sample of 1,021 Welsh adults aged 18+ and was carried out online by YouGov from 29 May to 1 June 2020.