Two badgers returned to the wild after Cwmbran canal rescue

The rescue mission took place on 5th February. Credit: RSPCA

Two badgers have been released back into the wild after they were rescued from the Cwmbran canal by the RSPCA.

Firefighters from the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service partnered with officers from the animal welfare charity to reach the two male badgers.

Both animals were stuck between metal steps and the wall on Pentre Lane above the canal in Cwmbran which exposed them to unforeseen danger.

RSPCA inspector David Milborrow and animal rescue officer Sian Burton enlisted the support of firefighters. Using a grasper, the RSPCA managed to lift the animals to safety, while firefighters abseiled down the wall with nets below for extra security.

The pair of badgers then came into the care of RSPCA wildlife specialists in West Wales for a brief period, before being returned to the wild on the evening of 8 February.

It is thought the badgers may have possibly have fallen into the canal in the first place after a territorial dispute.

RSPCA Cymru transported the badgers from West Wales back to the Cwmbran site where they were released near the scene of their rescue, at opposite sides of the canal to ensure they did not fight.

Animal Rescue Officer Sain Burton recalled how it felt to carry out the rescue and release:

"It's so fantastic to have been involved in another happy ending. It's why we do the job - and seeing these badgers released was amazing; given the precarious situation we found them in at the canal.

"Both were safe and well after a period of rehabilitation in our care. We returned them near to the site they were found, but a little distance apart from one another so they didn't fight.

"These two badgers really were rescued from the most dramatic circumstances, and will probably never realise how lucky they were! We're just delighted they are back where they belong - in the wild and hopefully stay away from any more canals!"