Remploy increases job outcomes in Wales

Remploy, one of the UK's leading provider of employment services for disabled people, last year delivered almost 3,900 job outcomes for disabled and disadvantaged people in Wales.

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Newport sees biggest increase in Remploy jobs

Employment company Remploy says it's seen an increase of 7% in the number of jobs created for disadvantaged and disabled people in Wales.

Newport saw the biggest increase with 195 new jobs created compared to the previous year.

Other areas of Wales also saw increases.

  • Neath saw an increase of 49% bringing the total number of jobs to 494.
  • Wrexham also saw an increase of 44% bringing the total number to 294
  • Monmouthshire now have 154 jobs available after an increase of 35%.

Remploy sees 7% increase in Welsh jobs

The company has supported more than 80,000 people across the UK into work over the last 5 years Credit: PA

Employment company Remploy says it's seen a 7% increase in the number of jobs created in Wales, over the last 12 months.

Almost 3,900 jobs were created in the last year, for disabled and disadvantaged people.

Figures to the end of March show strong continued growth in the numbers of people supported into work, particularly those with more severe disabilities or health conditions.

Overall in the UK, Remploy delivered 18,500 jobs in 2013-14, an increase of 4% compared to the previous year.

Sian Morgan, Remploy's Director for Wales, said: "We listen to employers' needs and help them to better understand and enjoy the benefits of employing disabled people, in effect transforming their businesses.

"As a result we achieve the Remploy mission as a social business of helping to transform the lives of tens of thousands of disabled people through sustainable employment."


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