The Airport: Catch up on our brand new series

A new six-part series follows day to day life at Cardiff Airport during a pivotal year of transformation under new ownership.

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Catch Up: The Airport, Episode 6

There's lock-down as the airport gears up for the biggest event in its history and the arrival of world leaders for the NATO summit. One lucky staff member is asked to step in and meet the Spanish Prime Minister, while a runway ice-bucket challenge brings a moment of light relief.

Catch Up: The Airport, Episode 5

Check-in staff deal with an unexpected passenger, and the Spanish Paralympic team fly in ahead of the European Athletics Championships. There's a problem in the security hall as one of the new scanning machines develops a fault, while building work begins on a new terminal for the NATO summit.


Catch up: The Airport, Episode 4

The Queen's Commonwealth Games baton arrives to a water fanfare, and at the giant BA maintenance hangar there's a first class welcome for a brand new 777. Airport Operations Assistant Cristina is left blushing as French rugby fans serenade her at Passport Control, and the never ending battle to keep the airfield free of birds.

Catch Up: The Airport, Episode 3

There’s car park disruption, as wrongly parked vehicles threaten to delay vital improvement works, and on the runway a small jet with technical problems brings the airport to a complete standstill. Ground crew have just 25 minutes to get the Barcelona flight turned around and back in the air with new passengers, and the airport welcomes a new carrier and with it expanded routes.

Catch up: The Airport, Episode 2

The Airport, Episode Two is now available to watch online

The race in on to dismantle the main security hall and move it to its new location before the first of the morning departures, and hundreds arrive at the terminal building all looking for a holiday bargain at a special travel fair. There’s a long night ahead for the runway repair team, while head of Customer Service Margaret James in on a mission to drive up standards.

Catch up: The Airport, Episode 1

A new series following day to day at Wales’s international airport

The builders move in to remove a despised airport landmark, and staff have to manage airline delays on one of the busiest days of the year – only for the fire alarm to force the terminal to be evacuated.

The airports firefighters get to grips with their new kit, while the arrival of a new carrier brings much needed new routes.


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