Community drop-in centre in Newquay 'handing out more than 2000 emergency meals a week' because of pandemic

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A community drop-in centre in Newquay says it is now handing out more than 2000 emergency meals a week as a result of the pandemic.

Newquay DISC used to focus on helping the homeless but now it says it is increasingly helping working families who have lost their jobs, homes or businesses and are now in crisis.

The volunteer-run centre is now appealing for more donations and funding to help meet demand.

The team of volunteers provide a range of help to those in need including hot meals, financial help, groceries or even birthday presents for children whose families cannot afford them.

''A lot families and a lot of our volunteers have found themselves made redundant so it's a real struggle out there for families at the moment. We see families coming in that have got their own homes and that were on very very high wages and all of a sudden there is no job and there is no prospect of getting another job and they're coming to us because they can barely pay the bills.''

Monique Collins, Newquay DISC

With around half the town's population working in hospitality it has seen a huge financial fallout from the pandemic.

All of the food at the centre has been donated by shops, fare share, and the local community.

DISC has also had funding from Cornwall Community Foundation but says demand is now rising.