Two sets of 'one in a million' quintuplet lambs born on Cornwall farm

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Not one, but two sets of so-called 'million to one' quintuplet lambs have been born on a Cornish farm.

It's common for lambs to be born in pairs, but for five to all be delivered and born healthy at once is rare in farming.

The first set of five lambs were born at Fentongollan Farm at Tregony near Truro early last week.

Lambs at Fentongollan Farm Credit: ITV News

The second set of quintuplet lambs were born on the farm on Saturday, 6th March.

Shepherdess Jess Ellsmore who has been looking after the newborns says it's been a bumper lambing season with more triplets and quadruplets born than usual too.

Jess said: ''We're all over the moon and it's just nice to be able to share a bit of positive news in the midst of a pandemic.''

The farm says that the recent dry weather has helped them to care for the all the lambs born in the first couple of weeks of the lambing season.

It means the lambs can be turned out into the fields only a day or two after being born, which is better for their health and reduces the spread of germs within the sheds.

Some of the 1800 strong herd at Fentongollan Farm Credit: ITV News

Fentongollan Farm has one of Cornwall’s largest flocks of around 1800 breeding purebred Dorset ewes.

The farm is also known for its flower business and grows 250 varieties of Daffodils at St Michael Penkevil near Truro.

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