'Please stop leaving rubbish' - Seven-year-old girl cleans up after beachgoers in Cornwall

  • Report by Grace Pascoe

A seven-year-old girl from Cornwall was so upset about the amount of rubbish left on her favourite beach that she decided to do something about it.

Evie Whaley from Newquay was horrified when she saw all the litter on Fistral beach. She and her mum are on a mission to clean it up, bit by bit.

Evie's mum Becky Miles said: "It's just heart-breaking because it's just not getting better.

"We live in such a beautiful place. People come to enjoy it and take dinner down and then just leave the remnants. It's just sad." 

Evie found all this rubbish within 500m on Fistral beach on 1 April - you can see how angry it made her. Credit: Becky Miles

As this latest lockdown has eased, the amount of rubbish the mother and daughter have found here has shocked them. Becky said "I think we can always easily say, 'It's the tourists' but it's not, it's local people as well."

She listed some of their finds, saying: "Lots and lots of food packaging, beer bottles, beer cans.

"We found eight towels the other day - just left. Wetsuits, lots of broken glass, lots of fires...

"Once you start you can't stop because you can't close your eyes from it." 

Evie just wants people to stop leaving rubbish on her favourite beach. Credit: ITV West Country

Seven-year-old Evie's message is a simple one: "Please stop leaving rubbish."

Her mum agreed, and said: "Just take your rubbish home, that's it - especially broken glass, nails because I think one day somebody is going to stand on it.

"We can't always be there to pick it up. Just take a bag and take your stuff home."

Evie and her mum Becky want people to leave nothing behind but their footprints. Credit: ITV West Country

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