Youth climate protesters 'swarm' Bristol city centre

Youth Strike 4 Climate block bristol streets 150122
The demonstration was organised by Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate.

Climate protesters have gathered in Bristol to 'swarm' the city's roads.

Bristol Youth Strike for Climate gathered on Queen's Square at around midday today (15 January) to raise awareness of the ongoing climate crisis.

Protesters began temporarily blocking roads in the area with a human blockade.

The 'swarming' technique sees groups of people temporarily block a road for a period of time (reported to be seven minutes at seven-minute intervals).

Some traffic was disrupted temporarily.

Around 30 young people took part in the 'Youth Climate Swarm', brandishing banners reading "stop burning our future".

The group hit the streets to demand change from the Government, including to stop oil production, reduce carbon emissions by 'insulating Britain', and the availability of free public transport to encourage people to ditch cars.

Buses have been diverted away from College Green to avoid any disruption caused by both the youth climate protest and by the Kill the Bill protest taking place simultaneously.

During one of the swarms the protesters blocked just one car - which was electric - from passing by.

The Kill the Bill demonstration is part of a nationwide day of action against the Government's new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill, which could see more restrictions placed on public protests.

The House of Lords is due to vote on the bill on Monday (17 January).