World's 'fastest growing' sport known as Padel arrives in Bristol

  • Watch Padel players in action in Lockleaze

A sport known as Padel which is claimed to be the 'fastest growing' in the world has just arrived in Bristol.

20 million people already play Padel - which is a racket sport, typically played in doubles on a court roughly 25 per cent smaller than a tennis court.

A combination between tennis and squash, scoring is the same as normal tennis, and uses similar balls for the game.

In Bristol, Padel has found a new home in the Lockleaze area of the city.

The new Padel4all centre has four all-weather courts, with brightness controlled LED floodlighting and a court camera platform.

Christopher Wilkinson, brought the centre to Bristol.

"Padel is one of the most exciting sports to play in the world, it's the fastest growing sport in Europe and one of the fastest in the UK" he said.

"It's fun to play, it's easy to learn and incredibly social, so a great sport for families of all ages."

Manager of the centre Roxy Keshavarz said the team tried to make the centre as "inclusive and accessible as possible."

"No matter age, ability or gender, padel tennis is here for everybody and here at Padel4all, its an affordable membership as well."

The centre is built between the University of Bristol and The University of the West of England in the hopes that more people will make use of the centre.