'Liquid death' giant engine oil fountain sculpture unveiled in Bristol

  • Watch the sculpture unveiling.

A giant fountain sculpture using engine oil instead of water has been unveiled in Bristol.

It was created by artist Luke Jerram whose recent works include a moon sculpture and flags on the beach at Weston-super-Mare.

It's being revealed ahead of COP27 where world leaders will meet to discuss their reliancy on oil and the need to move away from fossil fuels.

The sculpture has been created from used engine oil and recycled acrylic.

Plants and animals made extinct as a consequence of the industrial revolution and humanity’s impact on nature have been laser-cut into the surface.

Luke said: "We all need to do what we can to reduce our dependency on oil, help fight climate change and steer society towards a net zero future.

"With a climate crisis underway, I hope this artwork will act as a focal point for conversations and help stimulate debate about this vital issue."

The artist added that his inspiration came from the idea of society being built around the use of oil and hopes the fountain will become a place for organisations - including environmental group Just Stop Oil - and individuals fighting climate change to meet and discuss their work.

Chloe Naldrett a supporter of Just Stop Oil said: "The first thing that occurs to you as you walk in to the room is the beauty and the horror of it - the smell of the oil is really visceral.

"And of course oil and its derivatives are everywhere in our lives and when you look at it like this is just liquid death."

The fountain will be presented for the general public to see in Bristol in February 2023 at a date and location yet to be announced.

After that the artwork will tour museums, city festivals and art galleries across the world.