No confidence motion filed against Plymouth City Council leader after trees felled on Armada Way

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Dozens of trees were felled on Armada Way in Plymouth Credit: BPM Media

A vote of no confidence has been filed against the leader of Plymouth City Council after around a hundred trees were felled on Armada Way.

Last Tuesday night (14 March) Plymouth City Council ordered contractors to fell a total of 110 trees to make way for a multi-million-pound regeneration project.

Campaign group STRAW (Save the Trees of Armada Way) got an injunction at 1am to halt the chopping, but by that time only 12 trees remained.

The Green Party have now table a no confidence motion in the leader of the council, Cllr Richard Bingley.

The stump of a tree which has been chopped down in Armada Way. Credit: BPM Media

Green Coucillors Ian Poyser, George Wheeler and Lauren McLay wrote a join statement, it reads: “The actions of Conservative Council Leader Richard Bingley in relation to the Armada Way redevelopment scheme, and subsequent felling of the 110 trees by executive order have caused a public outcry and brought the council into disrepute.

"He bears personal responsibility for the use of the executive order to fell the trees.

"He disregarded the clear results of the public engagement showing a majority against thecurrent scheme and ignored the views of many elected councillors and thousands ofresidents who signed a petition calling for more trees to be saved.

Contractors began cutting down the trees in the city centre during the night. Credit: Michelle Lane

"His handling of the divisive scheme has been hugely damaging to our city’s reputation andhas undermined public faith in our Council’s democratic process.

"We believe it is therefore imperative that Councillor Bingley either resign or face a noconfidence vote.

"It is clear he has lost the trust of Councillors and the public. We await confirmation of the acceptance of our no confidence motion by the Council’s legal team.”

The Council Leader has not given any interviews but on his Facebook page, Richard Bingley said: "Less than 1% of the city's population took part in the survey and the responses could not be seen to represent the views of the other 99% of residents who did not engage."

He went onto say that the Council is showing Civic Leadership with its decision making.