Prince William says Kate is 'doing well' after cancer diagnosis during visit to Isles of Scilly

  • Prince William gives update on Princess Kate's health during visit

The Prince of Wales has given a positive update about his wife’s cancer treatment – saying “she’s doing well”.

Prince William was asked about Kate as he toured the only hospital on the Isles of Scilly to learn about a major building project to improve facilities on land owned by his Duchy of Cornwall.

Tracy Smith, administrator at St Mary’s Community Hospital in Hugh Town, greeted William when he arrived and hosted his tour of the small medical centre following his visit to the harbour where he bought his entourage Cornish pasties.

Ms Smith said: “May I ask how Princess Kate is doing?"

Prince William replied: "She's doing well thank you, yes."

He then went on to say the couple's children are "very jealous" that he was on the Isles of Scilly without them.

"Maybe we might come later in the year," he added.

The Princess of Wales appealed for her family to have time, space and privacy when she announced her diagnosis for an undisclosed form of cancer, and said she had begun chemotherapy.

William was given a card for his father the King – also a cancer patient – and Kate by Matron Lynda McHale, who said: “It was a card from my granddaughter who wanted to wish his father and wife ‘get well soon’.”

The Prince of Wales visited St Mary's Harbour and met representatives from businesses there. Credit: PA

The Prince of Wales has been enjoying the Isles of Scilly like any other tourist, swimming in the sea and treating his entourage to a round of Cornish pasties.

William ordered five of the savoury treats during a visit to the harbour on the island of St Mary’s, and joked that they were not all for him.

He donned a wet suit to go swimming in the waters around Tresco – where it is rumoured he spends breaks with his family.

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The future king had travelled to Hugh Town on St Mary’s to tour the waterfront, bathed in brilliant summer sunshine, and to learn about its importance to Islanders gearing up for the tourist season.

William made a beeline for On The Quay cafe where staff had baked a bigger batch of pasties, with flavours from chicken and chorizo to Bombay potato, in anticipation of the prince popping in.

Asked by staff Joely Dearman, 22, and Zachariah Fox, 28, what type of pasty he wanted, the Prince replied “traditional”, and asked for five.

'They're not all for me' - Prince William joked with staff as he ordered five pasties. Credit: PA

As everyone in the cafe laughed, he quickly added: “They’re not all for me“, and added: “It does smell delicious in here.”

He went on to tell them: “I was saying to the others, I can’t believe the islands today when you’ve got weather like this, it’s just beautiful.

“I got in the sea yesterday which was good – I wore a wetsuit.”