Wales This Week: Designer Bodies

In an age of selfies, celebrities and social media, SiƓn Jenkins travels to Turkey to investigate the world's deadliest cosmetic procedure - the Brazilian Butt Lift.

He follows one Welsh women going under the knife to achieve her dream designer body.

Sharp End February 18th

On this week's programme, Adrian Masters was joined by Welsh Labour deputy leader Carolyn Harris and Prof Laura McAllister from Cardiff University to talk about Labour splits, while Rob Osborne gets the views of voters in Pontypridd and former MP Kim Howells.

Elsewhere House of Commons speaker John Bercow pays tribute to his friend Newport West MP Paul Flynn, and Adrian discusses the latest Brexit votes with Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies and Prof McAllister.

Newsweek Wales - Sunday 17th February 2019

On Newsweek Wales; the people that say they feel like prisoners in their own village after cuts to bus services.

Plus, the new fitness kick aimed at shedding pounds rather than scoring goals. And the teenager that will soon be joining the ranks of American Presidents and Hollywood A-Listers.

Sharp End February 11th

This week Adrian Masters was joined by Labour's David Rees AM and Plaid Cymru's Eurfyl ap Gwilym to talk about where they'd like the Brexit negotiations to go, and dairy farmer Abi Reader and fellow farmer Conservative AM Andrew RT Davies to talk about the impact on farming.

Elsewhere Rob Osborne went to Llanybydder to talk to the local farmers and the Polish community on what they think will happen post-Brexit.

Newsweek Wales - Sunday January 27th

On this week's programme, Alex Hartley was joined by Sarah Vining from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust to discuss the decline in women attending their smear tests. Plus, former Wales International Rhys Thomas told us about the transplant games coming to Newport.