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Lorraine Kelly

Hello, I'm Lorraine Kelly! I left school at 17 and worked on my local newspaper before joining the BBC. I was TVam's Scottish correspondent until 1989 when I joined the presenting team.

I was a presenter with GMTV and worked as a presenter on Daybreak, I present my own show Lorraine from 8.30 to 9.30am Monday to Friday.

I also write a weekly column for The Sun and The Sunday Post.

I'm best known for: Being on the TV early in the morning.

The proudest moment of my career is: Winning the RTS award for best presenter in 2005.

The first thing I do in the morning is: Check my emails and twitter for breaking news.

My favourite breakfast is: At weekends it is a potato scone with black pudding and a poached egg on top and a dollop of HP sauce. When I am working I have porridge.

The most famous person in my phone book is: Eamonn Holmes.

The actor who would play me in a film about Lorraine is: I would love Sandra Bullock to play me as she is sassy, bright and gorgeous and I would love to be as gorgeous as she is.

My favourite memory from working on Lorraine: There are too many but I love the High Street Fashion Awards on Lorraine and I did enjoy interviewing 'my' George Clooney.

You'd be surprised to learn that: I speak Russian.

The one thing I couldn’t live without is: Apart from family and friends, I could not live without my iPad. I use it to write columns, download films and TV shows and watch the news.

Weekdays 9am