Tory MP Michael Fabricant on Donald Trump, Prince Harry and having famous hair

To describe some politicians as dull would be somewhat of an understatement - that could not be further from the truth for Tory MP Michael Fabricant.

The veteran MP is one of Parliament's most colourful politicians, with his life's journey and personality perfectly matching his eccentric style.

In a wide ranging interview for ITV News podcast Acting Prime Minister, the Lichfield MP touched on everything from his thoughts on the Prince Harry saga, to his appearance on Channel 4's First Dates and even his famous haircut.

It would be hard to believe, having listened to his story, that Mr Fabricant was the son of a Rabbi.

Despite his Jewish upbringing, he told ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand his favourite way to relax is now sitting in a church.

That's because his days of "smoking spliffs" as a youngster are over - and it's illegal.

Watch above or listen to the hilarious and revealing full episode to also hear:

  • How he made his fortune

  • How he plans to celebrate Brexit

  • What it was like coming out as bisexual

  • What he thinks the Queen should do about Prince Harry

  • Why he thinks Margaret Thatcher may not have approved of him

  • Does he prefer Greta Thunberg or Donald Trump?

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