The faces of some of those killed in Ukraine as Russia's attack rages on

The innocent victims killed in the bloody war in Ukraine which has seen indiscriminate attacks on civilians

A mother-of-two, a student, and a schoolgirl. These are just some of the people killed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The UN human rights office says at least 227 civilians have been killed and 525 wounded in Ukraine since the start of the invasion on February 24. But there are warnings that figure may be much, much higher - Ukraine’s State Emergency Service has said more than 2,000 civilians have died, though it’s impossible to verify the claim.

More names and pictures of those killed in the war have emerged on Thursday.

Ukrainian policeman Oleg Fedko was out on patrol when his wife and two children were killed in the Herson region. His parents were also shot dead. It is claimed Russian soldiers opened fire on the cars they were travelling in.

Israeli-Ukrainian Roman Brodsky, a father of two, was trying to leave Ukraine through Moldova. It is being reported he was killed by Ukrainians at a checkpoint.

The international federation of journalists confirmed correspondent and cameramanm, Yevhenii Sakun, was killed in the Russian shelling of the TV tower in Kyiv on Tuesday.

10-year-old Polina and her parents were both killed - her siblings are in a critical condition.

10-year-old Polina and her parents were shot dead by Russian forces in the capital, Kyiv, on Saturday, the city's deputy leader Volodymyr Bondarenko wrote in a Facebook post.

The politician shared a picture of Polina, stating the young girl, her brother and sister, and their parents were all killed. Polina's brother and sister survived but are in a critical condition in hospital, he added.

Ukraine’s president says 16 Ukrainian children have been killed and another 45 have been injured in the Russian invasion so far.

'Show this to Putin' says a doctor desperately trying to save the life of a child

Harrowing footage captured the final moments of a young girl's final minutes as paramedics worked in vain to save her life, after she was injured shelling in Mariupol.

"Show this to Putin," a doctor said to the camera filming their attempts to save her.

"The eyes of this child, and crying doctors."

The medic and his colleagues tried tirelessly to save the life of the six-year-old girl but were unable to do so.

Shri Naveen Shekharappa Gyandagoudar was just 21-years-old.

Shri Naveen Shekharappa Gyandagoudar, an Indian student who was studying in the Kharkiv National Medical University, was killed in Ukraine's second largest city on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old had reportedly been queueing for food outside a grocery store when he was hit in the heavy shelling in the city.

Sasha Poleshyuk's son tried to save his mother, but she had died by the time they cleared the rubble.

Mother-of-two, Sasha Poleshyuk was buried by the rubble of her home in Kherson after shelling.

Her 12-year-old son reportedly tried to pull her to safety - but she had died by the time she was freed.