Military bandages from 1978 left behind by 'ill-equipped' Russian advance on Mykolaiv

Russia's advance was halted this time, but they're expected again, as Correspondent John Ray reports

A Russian advance to cut Ukrainians off in the city of Mykolaiv in the south of the country was pushed back, Ukraine claims, forcing the invading army to leave behind old equipment.

In signs suggesting the Russian attack was ill-equipped and unprepared, footage shows military medical dressings dating back to 1978 on the deserted battlefield.

On the road west - to the Black Sea coast and a plan to cut Ukraine off from the sea - the Russians came instead to a dead halt.

Some equipment left behind appears to be older than many of the soldiers on both sides.

One such soldier was Sergie's brother, Daniel, who would have been 18-years-old on Wednesday.

“I feel hatred to those who killed him,” he said. “I will avenge his death. And my revenge will be terrible.”

Some gear left behind is older than many of the soldiers.

The Russians are dug in just a few miles away and must first take Mariupol to the east, where the ruined streets are a measure of the war's painful progress.

The Kremlin agreed safe passage for a few civilians on Wednesday – though there remain serious doubts over such promises given previous shelling on agreed-upon routes.

Rules mean nothing to the Russians, the regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko told ITV News.

The convoys are under constant fire even though they're moving on an agreed route, he said.

Russia possess overwhelming firepower, with which they will likely resume their advance sooner or later.

That is the belief of the troops that stand in their way, who say they are ready to stop them a second time.

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